Building Supplies Needed for a New Single-Family Home

Building your own home from the ground up can be an incredibly fulfilling process. After the land has been secured and blueprints are drawn up, it's time to gather building supplies. Without the right materials, construction can't begin on your dream home. As you make your list, consider the core components involved in erecting walls, roofing, and more. Having these building supplies on hand ensures the physical structure can be pieced together on schedule.

Lumber Provides the Structural Framework

Lumber makes up the skeleton that supports the home. In our experience, the most commonly used planks for framing are 2x4s and 2x6s in varying lengths. Estimate the number needed by the square footage and layout. Don't forget the plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) sheets for subflooring, walls, and the roof. According to NBC News, the National Association of Homebuilders estimated due to the increase in lumber prices, the cost of a single-family home has increased by over $36,000. You and your contractor can determine the needed quantities by referencing the blueprints and accounting for waste.

Hardware Holds Everything Together

What good is framing the structure without the hardware that's needed to keep it all together? Whether it be nails, screws, joist hangers, or galvanized washers, a house isn't complete without the hardware that'll keep it standing. To the average homeowner, all screws might seem the same. However, this is exactly why it's important to shop somewhere with experienced, knowledgeable staff. The composition of screws made to go into metal versus those that screw into wood are vastly different; it's almost like trying to fit a circle block into a square hole. Before you make a purchase, consult the staff of the building supplies store to make sure you're grabbing what you need. Alternatively, have your contractor do the shopping.

Roof and Siding Choices Impact Curb Appeal

The roof and siding enhance visual aesthetics while protecting inner contents from outdoor environments. For roof-building supplies, shingles are one of the most popular options due to their durability and lifespan. As they're commonplace, most roofers will know how to inspect and maintain roofs made up of shingles. Siding is a requirement for any house for both aesthetic and practical reasons. With smart siding, you can enjoy high durability and insulation without weighing your home down with clunky, unattractive siding.

Once the construction crew takes over, you can visually trace the progress from the basement up by the building supplies utilized. Subfloors lead to framed walls, which are topped with roof trusses before the exterior facade takes shape. At last, the final touches make it a home. Call Reed Lumber Company now if you're looking to purchase building supplies for your new home.